Pork Pie

The pork pie hat or cap Mambone; hat Men felt cap with a straw hat trimmed with stripe wide enough to give the illusion of a hat very low and very little edge (Vintage 1956 - 1957). Currently, the pork pie hat has a form unique because it has a cap very short with pointed edges while around and especially nowadays, tissues, straws, Felt wool felt or fur. The porkpie is associated with jazz and blues but also ska.

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About the Pork Pie Hat Shape

The first hats with this shape, called "Pork Pie hats", were mainly worn by American and English women in the 1930s during the Civil War At the time, it was frequently worn with a small feather, inserted under its ribbon on the side. In the United States it was the silent movie actor Buster Keaton who contributed greatly to his success, and for the little anecdote, he made his own Pork Pie from Fedora hats!

The Pork Pie hat was reintroduced at the end of the 90s, thanks to the movement of Jazz and Hip Hop culture and is now a great success. Pork Pie Hat for Men or Pork Pie Hat for Women, it is nowadays worn carelessly backwards by boys, just like girls. It has largely contributed to the revival of hat wearing in France, becoming one of the trendiest accessories

Figures of the cinema finally brought it back into fashion Robert de Niro in the film Mean Street or Gene Hackman for French Connection Since then, we've been wearing it for a casual, jazzy look for any occasion This model is now available in many materials such as wool felt, hair felt, straw but also in fabric.

La Chapellerie Traclet offers you a vast choice of Pork Pie hats in different materials and colours, at all prices, from the cheap Pork Pie hat to the more expensive ones. It's up to you to find the one that suits you!

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