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Hat man in Panama Brand: Borsalino. Care your Panama hat The toquilla palm contains a certain amount of humidity, according to its thickness which give it its flexibility. When the hat its exposed to a humid atmosphere (example: near a beach without sun) the palm absorbs this additional humidity and it expels it when the atmosphere is drier. This process weakens its structure with time. It is for that reason that the first models with a wide palm won't last more of 2 years with significant climatic changes. The extra-fino model and the Montecristi aren’t subject to this phenomenon they are made from a very fine palm and a dense fabric. To increase the life of your panama hat, here’s some advice: - Don’t let it come into contact with water. The palm acts like a sponge. In the event this happens, leave the hat in the shade until it has dried. - Don’t leave the hat in the sun in a closed atmosphere ( for example: in the back of a car). The straw will dry up too quickly and will break with the time. - Do not to put undue pressure on it by grasping it always in the same place. The part at the tip of the fedora style is the most fragile area and always grasping the hat that way will eventually cause the palm to break. It is better to grasp the hat by both the sides from below. - You easily can iron your hat with steam like a shirt, as long as you protect it with a cloth. It's good exercise and helps the hat keep its original shape over time.

Data sheet
  • Height of hat 10 cm
  • Edge width 5,5 cm
  • Material Panama
  • Shape Fedora Hat
  • Brand Borsalino
  • Shade Naturel
  • Country of manufacture Italy
  • Washable Only the large inner grain (cold water and ammonia)
  • Season Summer
  • Gender Mixed