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Large size compared to French sizes. The chef's blanket is about 1 cm larger than indicated. For regular customers, take the size of your old chef's blanket.

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In the summer, the lightness and casual style of a straw hat. If the caps are often out when the sun comes out, the floppy hat takes precedence with its aerial forms and wide edges. A timeless retro that is increasingly appealing to all generations.

A feminine hat offering a strong protection against sun raysand who shows up with a beautiful quality of finesse and finish made by the Barts brand !

A hats made from 80% natural straw, that you will protect efficiently with its wide edges, of the sun's rays, while bringing you comfort and freshness

A modern style 100% elegant who will know how to adapt to all situations with chic outfits as well as more casual ones!

The little extra: a single adjustment system hidden under the inner comfort band. One one size fits all from 54 to 59 cm!

Diazz Natural Straw Hat - Barts

The capeline shape will allow you to have a quality hat made of natural straw that will fit perfectly with both chic and casual outfits. The floppy hat is the perfect feminine hat, which with its wide brim will protect you from the heat and the sun's rays. A typically fem inine hat for a chic and refined style

A hat specially designed for summer: light & finely woven, which lends itself very well to the epitome of elegancewhile agreeing with this one a little bit vancancier and relaxed. In natural straw colour, the Diazz hat model has a beige imitation leather grosgrain on which the brand's signature is affixed on a small gold-coloured metal plate, thus reinforcing the chic and elegant side of the hat. Whether on the beach, in the country or in town, this hat will easily accessorize your outfits with chic and refinement

A nice hat which will be appreciated as well as for for its unique chic and refined lookthat for its beautiful qualities of finesse and finish that only the brand has the secret! The little extra: a single adjustment system hidden under the inner comfort band. One one size fits all from 54 to 59 cm!

About the Diazz Straw Hats

  • Composition: 80% straw and 20% polyester
  • Height of cap: 10 cm approx
  • Edge width: approx. 7 cm
  • Natural color
  • Unlined
  • Internal comfort band
  • Internal control system
  • One size from 54 to 59 cm!
Data sheet
  • Height of hat 10 cm
  • Edge width 11 cm
  • Material 90% paper straw & 10% polyester
  • Shape Wide-brimmed hat
  • Brand Barts
  • Country of manufacture China
  • Washable Only the large inner grain (cold water and ammonia)
  • Season Summer
  • Gender Women
  • Amazon Broadcasting Yes