Fedora Esteban Panama Hat - Stetson

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Large size compared to French sizes. The chef's blanket is about 1 cm larger than indicated. For regulars of the Stetson brand, take the size of your old chef's blanket.

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The Stetson genuine panama fedora hat, a very elegant hat that will give you the final chic touch to your summer outfit. Whether you use it for the beach or for summer parties, this hat has it all

Esteban Panama Fedora Hat - Stetson

An American Stetson fedora hat in Panama . Easily recognizable by its wide brim and pinched cap, this headwear is Italian made.

The panama and the shape of the hat give it an incomparable elegance, which will make you look good in both casual and formal wear.

The panama is a weaving of young palm shoots, it is very flexible and light. Since 1881, the quality and extreme care taken in its manufacture have made it the most famous hat in the world, as light as an air stream.

It is opaque against the sun's harmful rays, while it allows air to circulate inside the cap to keep you cool even in the hottest weather

The hat also features a lightly padded inner band to provide you with optimal comfort.

This panama hat also has a black ribbon trim originally attached respecting the tradition and will also be the symbol of a timeless elegance.

Proposed in multiple sizes, you will inevitably find your happiness in this hat of such beautiful quality

Note: inside each panama hat you will find a stamped Panama Original confirming the authenticity of the manufacture. The color can vary depending on the model, from light to darker, but this does not detract from the quality and beauty of the hat

About the Fedora Esteban Panama Hat - Stetson

Composition 100% panama

Cap of 13 cm

Brim width about 6 cm

Mixed gender

Made in Italy

Data sheet
  • Height of hat 13 cm
  • Edge width 6 cm
  • Material Panama
  • Shape Fedora Hat
  • Shade Beige
  • Country of manufacture Italy
  • Season Summer
  • Gender Mixed