méthode pour nettoyer un chapeau

Cleaning and care of hats

The hats and caps are considered an integral part of your garment. To increase their longevity they should be treated with gentleness! If in doubt, ask a specialist!

The different types of hats :

Straw hats, especially Panama hats, are known to be indestructible. This is true, but only in the tropics! Here, the climate is not humid enough for the moist and supple palm leaves. In Europe, on the other hand, these fibres dry out very quickly, especially when the hat is held in a heated room.

The felt-tip pens are very difficult to clean.

Alcantara style fabric hats can be entrusted to any dyer.

Tips for use :

All hats, whether felt, straw or fabric, should always be stored upside down to prevent the edge from warping.

Similarly, when the hat is wet, it should be dried at room temperature.

Avoid placing the hat on a radiator or next to a heat source. If the temperature is too hot, they will shrink like wool sweaters washed in hot water.

Furthermore, when wearing your hat, never pinch the crown to avoid cutting the fibre.

Before you roll up your hat for the winter, you should give it a shower or via a cigar humidor (which also need a humid climate, like in Cuba).

Methods for cleaning and repairing hats :

Dents in the cap can be removed with steam (e.g. using a kettle where the water is heated to obtain steam). After all, this is how hats are formed (using heat, moisture and pressure).

Dusty hats should be reshaped with a brush The crown of the hat should be worn in an anti-clockwise direction (seen from above).

cleaning a felt hat by Chapellerie-Traclet

Who should you contact to clean your hats?

If you need to clean your hat, use a hat cleaner or contact a textile specialist.

Master hatmaker for more than a century, we are able to maintain all types of hats, with the appropriate products and specialised equipment. For this, please contact us.