X-TRA Solid Umbrella X-TRA Dry Cockatoo - Isotoner

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This X-TRA SOLID umbrella ensures extreme strength against rain and strong winds!

The large 100 cm cover with its cockatoo pattern protects you and ensures that the frame does not turn over.

Manual Isotoner umbrella; ultra light and solid out of Aluminium and Carbon. Fabric treated waterproofed and damp-proof. Isotoner put all its knowledge to make in the development of its umbrellas, and proposes umbrellas of quality to you, at the same time ultra léfers and solids, thanks to the new alliance of aluminium and carbon. The tests in laboratory prove it, the new Isotoner whales are up to 58% more solid than the traditional aluminium whales! Dimension: 23 cm length with a diameter of 4 cm. Offer launching: 5 euros of differed reduction (coupon has to return to Isotoner for the refunding of the 5 euros)

Data sheet
  • Material 100% Polyester
  • Shape Umbrella
  • Brand Isotoner
  • Amazon Broadcasting Yes