Alpine hunting beret

The Alpine hunter beret

The alpine beretalso known as pie or pancake, is the emblematic hat of a elite military regiment the alpine hunters.

This beret has a 12 inch wide platform, which is about 33-34 cm

And of course you think this Alpine hunting beret is only for the military?

No, on the contrary, thanks to its 12 inch diameter, the Alpine Hunter Beret will protect you from the sun and keep you warm

Dare, and come discover our large collection of alpine hunting beret that will make you feel military

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The alpine hunter beret : the beret not to be missed

The alpine hunting beret is made on the same basis as the traditional beret. Characterized by a woollen composition, the alpine hunter beret is a beret that has a great solidity as well as a strong impermeability

Most alpine hunting beret have a diameter of 11/12 inches which allows the wearer to be protected from the sun's rays from head to toe. Moreover, thanks to its adjustable tongue, the alpine hunter beret is a good gift because you don't need to know the person's head circumference.

We propose you to come and discover our large choice of alpine hunting berets with which you will feel a bit military

The alpine hunting beret: for everyone

You don't need to be military to wear an alpine hunter beret, you can wear it as a civilian beret too Traditionally black, it is white for winter outfits. But don't worry, because of its black color, the beret will easily adapt to your style. Moreover, it is pleasant to wear thanks to its light material

The correct way to wear an alpine hunting beret is as follows
The alpine hunter's beret is worn leaning to the left with the insignia, which represents the hunting horn, the emblem of alpine hunters. This badge is on the right side.

The alpine hunter beret, more commonly known as "the pie" will remain the prerogative of mountain troops.

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