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Capeline - mot provenant du provençale au XIV° siècle capelina signifiant casque, chapeau de fer. Chapeaux aux bords se relevaient en rebas (revers) et dont la coiffe souple et longue pendait derrière la tête. La capeline est un chapeau pour femme en provenance directe des années 60. Ellr fait son retour sur le devant de la scène pour devenir le chapeau de l’été mais aussi pour l'hiver. En effet l'été elle vous protégera votre visage des agressions du soleil et vous permettra de passer incognito sur les plages du sud de la France mais l'hiver elle vous protégera du froid et de la neige.

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The hat the hat of all situations!

The capeline is one of the main styles of women's hats, this shape has the advantage of being adaptable to all situations and styles. Whether at the beach or for a ceremony, it remains the retro and elegant accessory that will definitely put you in the spotlight! These typically feminine headgear are not only an elegant way to enhance an outfit all year round, but also provide effective protection from the sun's harmful rays thanks in particular to its wide edges.

At the Chapellerie Traclet, we have the advantage of working with French or worldwide manufacturers, depending on the raw material. The hats are available in our premises or made to order, which allows us to offer you a wide selection of this hat shape which is very popular at the moment. If you have difficulties to make your choice among our selection of hats, we have put at your disposal a filter to select the material, the size, the brand and the price.

A shape for many styles

Whatever your tastes and styles, the capelin is available in a multitude of possibilities to suit as many people as possible. Rather in search of a classic, an original hat, in noble materials ... You should find your happiness among our large choice of women's hats

A white, red, burgundy, black, fuchsia, navy blue... you will certainly find the hat you need!

Don't forget that we deliver everywhere in metropolitan France and in the world!

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