Traveler Gilly Hat Petrol Blue UPF 50+ - House of Ord


House of Ord - Cape Town models have an adjustment strap on the inside to adjust the size (you can tighten up to two sizes, so a 56cm model is suitable for a head circumference of 54cm)

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A shape lying between the bell and travel it all the way revisited by the brand Australian Rigon Headwearfor a chic and elegant summer model.

Made of 100% high quality raffiahe will offer you a good protection against the sun's rays, while allowing your head to breatheas much air as possible so that it can breathe even in hot weather.

A hat that will bring you a class and elegance in all circumstances

A unique style who will be a perfect match with both formal and more casual outfits, and who, thanks to his clamping system, it will adapt perfectly to your cranial morphology

Practical: Adjustable to the size of the head, one size from 55 to 59 cm

Kangol's Autumn/Winter collection is reflective in mood, drawing from its strong British heritage fused effortlessly with modern detail. Recycling is a strong influence as stles capture a feel of creating beauty from discarded objects. Colors are rich with the vintage feel of faded jewel shades.

Data sheet
  • Edge width 9 cm
  • Material 100% raffia straw
  • Shape Traveller hat
  • Brand Rigon Headwear
  • Shade Natural
  • Country of manufacture China
  • Washable Only the large inner grain (cold water and ammonia)
  • Size - Headsize One size from 55 to 59 cm
  • Gender Mixed