Trilby Hat Small Brim Chico Panama Hat - Seeberger

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Made in a trilby shape made of 100% natural panama strawthe Chico hat has a vintage lookand a new look for a trendy, chic and elegant hat. A hat ofvery beautiful quality and with afine finish, which will protect you from the sun's rays with a chic touch of the trendiest. A real hat in 100% genuine Panama straw madein Italy with a completely revisited shape and design

Trilby Hat Small Brim Chico Panama Hat - Seeberger

A trilby / Porkpie hat fully made of natural Panama strawa stylish headwear for the summer period, made in Italy. A completely revised design in a style "So chic." that will go well with both casual and dressy outfits At natural colour, it has a grosgrain fabric in green, brown and beige colours, in a worn out, aged look perfect marriage with the rest of the hat, promising to highlight the cap with elegance. Made of 100% natural panama straw, it will give you the will effectively protect from the sun's rayswhile bringing to your head a maximum freshness. In order to bring you a maximum comfortThe hat also has an internal fabric comfort bandA hat high qualitywith a very fine finish unable bring you thatcomplete satisfaction.

About the Trilby Petit Bords Chico Panama Hat

  • Height of cap: 9 cm approx
  • Edge width: approx. 3.5 cm
  • Composition: 100% panama straw
  • Moltonized internal comfortband
  • Natural color
  • Made in Italy

Tips for use

  • With this type of hat, it should not be in contact with the rain. In fact, straw is very absorbent and once dry, it can leavestains and weaken the hat.
  • Avoid that the hat stays too long in a warm, dry and unventilated place, because a straw hat needs a little humidity to stay in good condition. Otherwise the straw can become brittle.
  • Avoidat all costs to pinch the top of the hat when putting it on or taking it off. Use the appropriate gestures when handling it: take it by the edges when puttingit on or taking it off.

Data sheet
  • Height of hat 9cm
  • Edge width 3.5 cm
  • Material Panama
  • Shape Trilby Hat
  • Brand Seeberger
  • Shade White
  • Country of manufacture Italy
  • Season Summer
  • Gender Mixed