Acrylic Cuffless Pull On

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A ski cap revisited in a chic and refined feminine style with its white colour and its fur style pompom in the same white colour

A model with a fleece lining in the ears to bring you even more comfort and well-being

Why is every piece of clothing Kangol has to offer considered ‘unisex’. Well, it’s actually hard work coming up with a product that can accentuate both masculine and feminine qualities, but this winter hat is a testament to why it works. The 100% cuffed Acrylic Pull-On is known for its uncanny ability to make women look adorably cute (with the hair curling out from all sides thing going on), and men look tough and authoritative (with the ‘boxer in training’ thing happening). One size fits most, men AND women.

Data sheet
  • Material 50% wool, 50% acrylic
  • Shape Beanie
  • Brand Eisbär
  • Shade White
  • Country of manufacture Austria
  • Washable hand in cold water with ammonia
  • Season Winter
  • Size - Headsize One size fits all
  • Gender Women