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This wax is ideal for re-waterproofing all waxed or oiled cotton clothing, caps and hats.

It leaves a smooth, permanent, waterproof, non-sticky coating on the surface. The garment must be warm and dry before starting. Spread it out on a flat surface and rub the wax evenly over the outside of the fabric with a clean cloth.

Make sure that the entire garment is covered and wipe off any excess. Let dry for about 10 hours in a room at medium temperature, away from any heat source (flames, radiator, etc.)


  • For coating and waterproofing
  • Maintenance of oiled leather and oiled cotton
  • 200 ml, suitable for all colours
  • See instructions for use on the back

About the wax box

Store in an airy room

Flammable , Avoid contact with eyes , Keep out of reach of children .

Data sheet
  • Season All year