Miki Breton 5 panels Patchwork Cotton - Waxed Concrete

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Mesurer ma taille de tête

A Breton miki totally revisited in a patchwork print with details in bluish tones for a trendy and modern look.

A unisex and timeless accessory that you will love!

Miki Breton 5 panels Patchwork Cotton - Waxed Concrete

Halfway between a cap and a cap, without visor to avoid gusts of wind, free ears to be attentive to the sound of the waves, the miki is made in France by craftsmen hatters to deliver you a high quality The logo embroidery is tone-on-tone.

This model is a must, if you want to revive a summer outfit a little too sober or bring an original touch, this Breton miki is made for you! Its details in different shades of blue add character to this model. Its patchwork print is very fashionable and will add the final touch to your looks. An accessory that is also suitable for both women and men


Its composition in 100% Cotton allows it to be a light and comfortable Breton miki to accompany you throughout the day. A quality model with beautiful finishes for this summer. It will also allow you to protect yourself from the sun while staying cool

The little extra is its adjustable waist thanks to its tightening strap in camel-coloured leather.

About the Miki Breton 5 panels Patchwork Coton- Béton Ciré

  • Composition 100% Cotton
  • Blue Color
  • Patchwork Print
  • Strap: 100% Leather
  • Made in France

Tips for maintenance

We strongly recommend dry cleaning as soon as the hats have a leather part or are made of fragile textiles such as: Wool, Merinos, Straw, Linen, Felt...

However, our team and our customers have already performed machine tests that have gone well. But of course it must be taken into account that leather is not supposed to be machined, so it will have to change after contact with water.
If you machine our hats, do not machine them not in the dryer!!! When you take them out of the machine, put them on a round shape if possible so that the material takes a minimum of bending

Use an adhesive brush to remove dust from the material.

Data sheet
  • Material 100% Cotton
  • Shape Miki Breton
  • Brand Waxed Concrete
  • Shade Navy-blue
  • Shade Blue
  • Country of manufacture France
  • Season Summer
  • Size - Headsize S/M - L/XL
  • Gender Men