Gambler Hat

The Gambler hat or movie star hat

Indeed, the Gambler hat is one of the emblems of the actors in the 90s. La Chapellerie Traclet has selected for you a large number of Gambler hats, come and discover them. You will feel like a real star, you can't miss it! Go for it!

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The Gambler hat and the cinema

The Gambler hat is a must-have in the movies. It has protected many stars like Clint Eastwood in the famous western "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly". The Gambler is also worn by Will Smith in "Wild Wild Wild West" or by Paul Newman in "Butch Cassidy"

So yes, this hat is more often worn in movies, we find it a lot in western films. It allowed to protect them from bad weather but also from the sun. It was both a useful and pleasant headgear. But with time, the Gambler hat became an indispensable part of everyday life

The Gambler Hat, the Cowboy Hat

The origins of the Gambler have never been discovered. With its strong resemblance to a classic cowboy hat, it has a few differences. The Gambler hat has shorter edges, it is often made of thick felt and its cap is wider at the top

The Gambler hat is worn with everything, whether it is for a big occasion or a simple outing in town, it will accompany you everywhere

La Chapellerie Traclet offers you a wide choice of Gambler hats, in felt, straw, natural colour or black. You are bound to find the hat that suits you

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