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Men's and Women's Caps - Find the trendy cap you like

The bonnet is the oldest known form of headgear.

Worn mainly in winter, it responds mostly to a need for comfort as temperatures drop. To fight against the cold, one will particularly appreciate the men's caps made of warm materials such as the cashmere cap for men, the woollen cap for men, the knitted cap for menor lined with fleece inside for maximum comfort and softness. For summer, you can also opt for a men's summer hat, light and pleasant to wear even in hot weather, like the men's cotton hat

However, the bonnet is more and more a fashion accessory, trendy in all seasons, and can be worn with a dressy or casual style. Some people do not hesitate to adopt the hat for a casual look whatever the season. It is comfortable to wear and easy to store in a bag, making it a very practical headgear

Most of our models are available in many colors such as the black men's cap, the grey men's cap, the white men's cap, the camel men's cap, the blue men's cap, the beige men's cap, but also the navy blue, the green, etc ... You will find on our e-shop the best current brands of beanies: Coal, Stetson, Pipolaki, but also more urban brands such as Brixton, Drapo, Traclet.

However, if you do not find the desired cap, we can also make it to order

The origins of the beanie

The Phrygian bonnet is the origin of this headgear which made its appearance in antiquity, in Phrygia (hence its name), populated by Indo-Europeans from Thrace and the Danube region. One finds busts of divinities wearing this cap, but also kings such as Midas and Tantalus.

This same cap appears on the Greek mythological representations of Paris during the Trojan War, which he triggers by kidnapping the beautiful Helen. Paris is easily recognizable on many statues, pottery and bas-reliefs thanks to his Phrygian cap.

The hat symbol of freedom

The Roman goddess of liberty, Libertas, whose effigy is found on Roman coins, wears a round felt cap (the pilas). The freed Roman slaves wore this cap as a sign of the freedom given back by their master

The "red bonnet

The Phrygian cap with curved tip made its big comeback during the French revolution. A symbol in its own right of the creation of the French Republic and of patriotism, this red cloth cap adorned the heads of the French revolutionaries, the sans-culottes, after the storming of the Bastille. This symbol still lives on today through the busts of Marianne, wearing this revolutionary cap.

Le Bonnet de la Liberté (Anonymous Song, 1793)

"Let this cap

To the good Frenchmen give thanks!

That this bonnet on our foreheads does look good

To the aristocratic faces

Nothing makes so many faces

What a hat! »

Buy fashionable woman's hat

You will find in our selection of women's caps, a wide choice of materials: wool, acrylic, cashmere, mohair, shetland and angora.

The acrylic beanie

With pompom and/or fur, it remains an essential accessory, a sure value in terms of trend and style. A fleece lined fabric inside the hat will warm you up on the coldest days or evenings

A hat for sportsmen (ski hat, hiking hat...)

The fleece hood, or mountain pass, protects your entire head, neck and face by leaving only a small opening for the eyes. This total protection is ideal for outdoor sports when the rigours of winter are at their peak.

The New Era hat with its classic unisex shape is available in several colours: navy blue, black, grey and white.

It goes well with sportswear as well as casual wear. Because of its great elasticity, it is sold in one size.

The woollen cap woman, a collection of softness ..

The woollen hat is very warm and soft to the touch, in all its forms! Knitted in a twisted way or in simple knit, the fans of woollen hats will find their happiness among :

The toque cap

Really very feminine. It can be adorned with flowers, buttons, fake fur, but also with mink, sheep or fox. This hat looks a bit like a chapka.

The Cousteau hat

Inspired by the red hat worn by the famous oceanographic explorer, it is however available in several colours. This hat made in France is available in wool and acrylic

The sailor's cap

It adapts easily to different head sizes thanks to a velcro strap on the back of the cap.

The bonnet beret

Let yourself be transported back to the 20's. With a shape that fits your head perfectly and its little bow so girly, it is the accessory that all fashion lovers should have in their dressing room!

The angora cap

Hand-knitted, it brings freshness with its trendy colours. An elastic band ensures impeccable support by adjusting perfectly to your head circumference.

The visor cap

Very trendy, this cap protects your eyes from the winter sun. Available with or without pompom, as a long-falling cap, with short or folding visor.

The headband

Discreet but effective, it elegantly protects your ears from the cold. Flexible, it adapts easily on your head. Practical, you can take it everywhere in your handbag.

The woollen cap + matching scarf sets.

Find our sets online or create your own tuning hat, gloves, scarf according to your desires!

The other caps - bonnet france

The Jacquard cap, a timeless cap made in France by the brand Le Drapo. Elegant and refined, this bonnet is the result of an artisanal know-how based in Haute-Loire. Very warm thanks to its fleece lining on the ears, it covers your head softly and protects you from harsh winters

Le Drapo also makes colourful and trendy cups with pompoms. The brand has been able to constantly renew itself with fashionable colours, very much appreciated by all generations. And for you ladies, a hat with tassels on the side for even more elegance!

Discover our women's hats

Buy man's hat

More than 300 caps for you gentlemen, for all tastes and trends..

Men's fleece-lined woollen cap

Ideal for ski enthusiasts, or for outings in cold weather. The fleece-lined woollen cap effectively protects your head and ears, for your greatest comfort.

The stylish men's cap

Find the hat that suits your style among our collection of men's fashionable hats

Classic and casual with the sailor's cap, the docker's cap or the biker's cap (black leather cap)

Urban with the New Era hat, the short hat, the Breton miki hat or the Cousteau hat.

Current with the drooping cap, the Le Drapo cap and the oversized man's long cap.

The man's hat comes in a multitude of shapes, colours and materials. The purchase of a man's hat is made according to fashion criteria or his habits. The stylish beanie corresponds first and foremost to the style and desires of each person.

Comes under:

  • Beanie with man tassel
  • White man's hat
  • Men's fleece beanie
  • Men's black hat
  • Red man's hat...

Check out all our men's hats.

Buy children's caps

Because adults aren't the only ones who can choose from a complete collection of stylish beanies, the purchase of children's beanies is made easy on our site with a complete range of 55 children's beanies!

Funny hats!

Shaped like a Peruvian hat to protect the ears of our little ones, they will be able to choose between :

  • The monkey hat,
  • The cat hat,
  • The frog bonnet.

Cute hats!

Fancy polar fleece hats:

  • Kitten,
  • Pink rabbit
  • Teddy Bear.

Classic cups:

  • The hat with the pompom,
  • The Peruvian cap,
  • The sailor's cap,
  • The visor cap
  • The polar hood.

The stylish children's cap:

  • The long hat falling down,
  • The Long Cap,
  • Short hat.

Caps for sportsmen and women, coquettes, and stylists from the youngest to the oldest!

Your child will be delighted to discover a collection of children's hats with different shapes and colors on (woollen hats, bicolor...)

Hat care for men, women and children

They can be easily and simply maintained with cold water and ammonia.

The Traclet hat shop is the online specialist in the sale of hats (purchase adult and child hats).

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