Khaki cap

The khaki cap

Khaki green is associated with the military. But don't worry, you are allowed to wear a khaki cap.
No matter what colors you wear for your outfit, the khaki cap fits everyone. Whether it's in light or dark tones, the khaki cap will look great on you.

For men and women, the khaki cap is available in different styles such as the flat cap or the military style cap but also for the youngest in Snapback format.

Come and discover our wide choice of khaki caps that will satisfy your desires.

Vyou can also take advantage of our entire cap collection.

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The khaki cap: instead of black

Do you want to wear a coloured cap without taking too many risks?

No problem, the khaki cap is the solution. Indeed, the khaki cap will replace the black one.
Less aggressive than black, the khaki will give a touch of colour and pep to your outfit that should not be overlooked

At the arrival of the beautiful days, the khaki cap is ideal to wear whether for city outings or during a sporting activity. The khaki of the cap goes well with all the other colours, light and dark
The khaki cap is all-purpose

Wearable in all seasons, in summer and winter, the khaki cap will protect you from the sun but also from rain and wind

Different models

We offer you a wide choice of khaki caps, from the flat cap to the snapback through the military style cap

No matter which model you choose, the khaki cap goes with all styles and heads. Whether you are a man or a woman, the khaki cap will suit you

You may be able to fall for another cap color: black, white, grey, brown, beige, green, purple, pink, red, blue, orange, yellow,
navy, fuchsia, natural, burgundy, or sky blue.

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