Purple cap

The purple cap, a touch of color..

For a city look, choose a purple cap

It's the purple cap that will make all the difference to your outfit. Between red and blue, purple is a color that has a lot of pep. Contrary to what one might think, purple refers to softness and dreaminess. We can therefore imagine that wearing a purple cap will allow you to dream

La Chapellerie Traclet, offers you a range of purple caps to suit all styles

Vyou can also take advantage of our entire collection of caps.

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The purple cap, a touch of colour to your outfit

Do you want to revive dull outfits?

By choosing a purple cap, you can be sure to go unnoticed. For city outings or hiking in the mountains, the purple cap will do very well, and in addition to that you will protect yourself from the sun, while keeping the style of course

Associated with simple colors such as white or cream, the purple cap will delight you and will give a touch of originality to your outfit.
For everyone, purple is a negative color and yet, purple refers to softness and dream. We can therefore imagine that by wearing a purple cap, you will be able to dream and above all make people who see you dream

The purple cap will give pep to your outfits and your days. You are going to make some jealous!

In all seasons

Whether it is winter, summer, autumn or spring, the purple cap will never go out of fashion. It will go through the seasons and last over time. It's not just a summer colour, the purple cap is wearable all year round and you're likely to cause a sensation around you when you wear it

You will find on our site, a wide choice of purple caps that will meet your desires to brighten your days

You may be able to fall for another cap color: black, white, grey, brown, beige, green, pink, red, blue, orange, yellow,
navy, fushia, natural, burgundy, sky blue or khaki.

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