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In this section, you'll find all types of headbands: from wool headbands for winter to fabric headbands for sunny days.

Headbands are suitable for all ages. Whether you're looking for a ski headband, a formal headband or a simple winter headband for women, there's something for everyone.

Women's headbands also offer excellent ear protection. Much more comfortable to wear than an earmuff, and lighter than a cap, the headband makes it easy to combine comfort and style.

A headband for every occasion 

If you're a keen skier or outdoor enthusiast, we recommend wool or knit headbands with a fleece-lined interior for even greater comfort and softness.

For fashion fans, faux fur or velvet headbands are sure to please! Very trendy, they add the finishing touch to any look.

For a wedding, a christening, a birthday... this summer, straw headbands will be perfect! They'll dress up any outfit and add an original touch to your hairstyle.

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A practical and feminine accessory

The women's headband has the advantage that it can be worn in all circumstances, whether you're skiing or going out for an evening out

You will find woollen, knitted and fleece headbands... for your mountain walks but also for your everyday clothes. Having the particularity to keep your head warm and especially your ears, the headband is also very practical as it is easily transportable and foldable in a coat pocket or bag. This makes it a must-have accessory in your wardrobe.

For the summer, the women's headband is available in light and comfortable fabrics such as cotton or linen but also in straw to dress up your ceremonial outfits. You will thus find light and very elegant straw headbands.

A sports accessory

And yes, the headband is not only practical for winter sports. It can also be worn for outdoor sports such as running, walking or any other sport

The headband keeps your head warm in winter or, conversely, cool and protected from the sun. It will also protect your hair from perspiration

A trendy and fashionable headband

The woman's headband, or headband, has become a timeless accessory and easy to match with your winter outfits. Whether simple or more worked with a material or feminine details such as rhinestones, it will easily bring the final touch to any look

The turban is once again very popular among fashion designers. A mix between the cap and the headband that makes it all the more feminine. Available in various warm materials, it is also very useful against the cold

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