The French Beret

The French Beret - A handcrafted garment

French confection, traditional values and concern for quality, Le Béret Français has it all! With a wide choice of models, the brand is an essential reference in the field of berets

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The French beret, French craftsmanship

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The beret, a timeless fashion accessory

Known and recognized in the entire world as the emblematic headgear of the Frenchit would be a pity not to benefit from excellence in terms of know-how of our French hatteries!

This is why we offer you a wide assortment . . .of French beret berets, traditionally made in France Whether for man or woman the beret is the iconic symbol and it has been returning to the forefront of the scene for several years now as afashionable accessoryIt is now available in a range of very current and easy-to-wear models. With its red cabillou as its trademark, the French beret is recognizable among all!

The models as well as the materials in which they are made, are thought, designed and manufactured exclusively in France, and more precisely in Laas in the heart of the Pyrenees. From the knitting of the wool yarn to the final assembly, all the stages necessary to the manufacture of a product are made in the brand's workshop, thus following the tradition of the 100% French berets.

Benefiting from a know-how transmitted from generation to generation, but also being in constant search of innovation. The French Beret brings to life a new line of berets to accompany women, men and children in their daily adventures.

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