Traveller hat: a taste for adventure!

The traveller shaped hat is often attributed to the Safari or Outback shape. It is actually the fedora form but all the edges are rabbatus. The shape is very often characterized by curved edges at the front and back and has a flat cap.

This shape has really developed since the release of films such as Indiana Jones, where the hat is the hero's most faithful companion and is in the heart of the action. Since then, the shape has been clearly associated with travel and adventure, as it provides protection at the front and back and gives a more casual look than the Fedora shape.

A headgear that will also become your most loyal travel companion, and will follow you on excursions in the bush, on walks in the forest or as a casual style accessory for the city.

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Models and styles traveller hats

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Traveller shape: the adventurous style for quality hats

Designed to be faithful travel companions and to accompany you on all your adventures, travellers are generally sturdy hats capable of following you anywhere, whatever the conditions. Lightweight and foldable for the most part, they will easily return to their original shape and adapt easily to all situations

Discover our range of Traveller hats of all kinds (straw, wool or hair felt panama hats ...) which will become your travelling companions!

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