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Fléchet: The historic French brand!

The Fléchet brand is the heir of a long tradition of French hatters, but for economic reasons it is no longer possible for it to continue its production in France.

However, with its many years of experience in the world of hats, the brand still knows how to get as close as possible to French quality. For this reason, it carries out a rigorous selection with its European manufacturers, even if in any case it is difficult for it to manufacture the quality produced in Chazelles, due to the competence of the Chazelles workers and the qualities of rabbit hair offered today

The FLECHET trademark is registered worldwide. In France, it is distributed in the Parisian department stores (and their subsidiaries), in the latest hat shops, in the ready-to-wear shops (men and women) and leather goods shops. In France and throughout the world Flechet is one of the well-known top-of-the-range references in headwear. The brand offers complete collections, using the materials available for the hat without stopping looking for new ones

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