Canotier Vol Joli Papillon / Created by Les Ateliers de la Chapellerie TRACLET in France


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Canotier Vol Joli Papillon : Unique creation by the workshops of the Chapellerie TRACLET

This 100% natural straw model was created for festive outings or simply to make beautiful selfies.

This creation entirely handmade in France is a unique model.

This unique piece of size 57 will be so pleasant to wear on your deckchair at the beach, at home by your pool, during a ceremony, and why during your walks with your friends along the flower alleys of parks and gardens.

In summer, you dare to wear this unique model. It is still available, hurry up to order it, there is no other identical model...

The youtubeurs/youtubeuses will love its "flashy" side to be noticed in their profession.