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Fancy Stripes Shaving Set

The fancy stripes shaving set: Razor, Shaving Brush and Stand.

This fancy stripes shaving set offers you a revisited razor.

  1. The badger combines beautiful materials with the quality of badger hair. This gives you a perfect shave for a long time.
  2. The razor traditional Gillette Mach 3 shaving systems. Your shave will be flawless.
  3. Wooden stand

100% made and assembled by hand in Germany, premium quality.

Our tips for use :

For a good shave, soak the brush with warm water and then soak the brush in shaving soap. Spread the lather generously over your face in a circular motion or from top to bottom.

Finally, shave with slow, short strokes.

Traclet Headwear Tip

In order to keep your badger hair brush in good condition, rinse it well after shaving and, above all, drain the water and dry it upside down.

Data sheet
  • Country of manufacture Germany
  • Season All year