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Large size compared to French sizes. The chef's blanket is about 1 cm larger than indicated. For regulars of the Stetson brand, take the size of your old chef's blanket.

Measure my head size

Leather hat from Stetson, fits your head.

Thanks to the brass around the edge; train your hat depending on your taste and your mood ... The leather trim compete with large rivet shape his style hat from Stetson USA Outdoor. Soft hat is still interesting time because, among other things, the inner strip, and also along with his malleable brass leaving the hat to form the basis of you.

Data sheet
  • Height of hat 10.5 cm
  • Edge width 7 cm
  • Material Leather
  • Shape Traveller hat
  • Brand Stetson
  • Shade Beige
  • Washable Only the large inner grain (cold water and ammonia)
  • Season All year
  • Size - Headsize S - M - L - XL
  • Gender Mixed
  • Amazon Broadcasting Yes