Masque "Je suis super " Rose Fantaisie Élastique Blanc- Traclet

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  • These washable masks for non-sanitary use do not replace the standardised masks type FFP2.
  • They absolutely do not exempt the wearer from essential barrier gestures. They are an alternative to the shortage of masks
  • They fall into the UNS 1 and 2 category and meet the AFNOR S76-001 specifications of 27 March 2020

Attention, for reasons of hygiene, this type of article is neither taken back nor exchanged

Mask "Attestation" Fancy Elastic White - Traclet

Instruction manual

1- Before using for the first time, machine wash at 60°C, tumble dry and iron at a moderate temperature

2- Wash your hands thoroughly with soap or hydroalcoholic gel before handling your mask.

3- Spread the edges of the mask by holding it by the elastics

4- Pass the elastics behind the ears. The mask must cover the nose, mouth and chin properly.


To adjust the mask to a size S, tie the elastic

6- After a maximum of 4 hours of use, remove the mask by grasping the elastic straps and taking the necessary precautions to avoid any contamination

Please note that for reasons of hygiene, this type of item is not returnable or exchangeable

About the Mask "Attestation" Fancy White Elastic Mask - Traclet

  • Maintenance recommendation
    • After use, the mask should be isolated in a container specifically for mask washing. Washing can be done in a conventional washing machine at 60°C with the usual detergent. Tumble drying is recommended to ensure that the mask is completely dry. It is then recommended to iron the mask on the outside. Oriol & Fontanel barrier masks are designed to be reused and washed more than 10 times
    • As soon as the mask shows significant signs of deterioration that call into question its effectiveness, put it immediately in a bag and throw it away. Then wash your hands to avoid contamination
Data sheet
  • Material 3% elastane - 52% polyester - 45% polyamide
  • Shape Mask
  • Brand Traclet
  • Shade Black
  • Shade White
  • Country of manufacture France
  • Size - Headsize One size fits all
  • Gender Mixed