Trilby Pachuca Hat Natural Straw Caramel - Traclet

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This hat will protect you from the sun's rays in a chic, elegant and refined style. It will show itself, thanks to its internal comfort band and its lightness, very pleasant to wear.

It will perfectly match with casual outfits and will bring to your outfit the final touch for a neat and elegant look. A hat made in France with a beautiful quality of finesse and finish, and which proves to be an excellent value for money.

A lovely hat for the summer, declined in a trilby shape in 100% natural straw.

Avoid at all costs to pinch the top of the hat when putting it on or taking it off. Use the appropriate gestures to handle it: take it by the edges when putting it on or taking it off.

Trilby Pachuca Hat Natural Straw Caramel - Traclet

The trilby shape suits both men and women who are looking for an authentic style as soon as the sun comes out. Recognisable by its small lowered front edges, it is a shape with undisputed success that adapts to all looks.

A beautiful quality hat made in France in 100% natural straw, this hat will not only bring style to all your outfits, but will also protect you effectively from the sun's rays with flexibility, lightness and comfort. It is the model that combines comfort and style without making concessions!

In caramel color, it will bring color to your wardrobe with casual outfits as well as more dressy ones. The hat also has a grosgrain outside, in a darker tone fabric, which brings the final touch to the Pachuca model

Due to its composition, it will effectively protect you from the harmful rays of the sun, while leaving your head a maximum of air so that it can breathe even in hot weather. Also equipped with an internal comfort band, as thin as it is light, this trilby ensures you optimal comfort in all circumstances. On the beach, in the city or in the country, this is a hat that is both chic and casual, ensuring you a unique style that will enhance you.

A hat ofbeautiful quality that will be appreciated as much for its unique chic and refined look as for its beautiful qualities of finesse and finish!

About the Trilby Pachuca Natural Straw Caramel Trilby Hat - Traclet

  • Composition: 100% natural straw
  • Height of cap: 9 cm approx
  • Edge width: approx. 4.5 cm
  • Made in France
  • Colour caramel
  • Ganse of cleanliness
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Data sheet
  • Height of hat 9cm
  • Edge width 4.5 cm
  • Material 100% Natural Straw
  • Shape Trilby Hat
  • Brand Traclet
  • Shade Caramel
  • Country of manufacture France
  • Season Summer
  • Gender Mixed