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Fez - A unique hat with no brim and full length; this chef's hat has gone its own way in the hat world

Hat Fez Bordeaux 2 - Traclet

This classic hat is timelessly drawn from the meanders of history. The Fez is part of the traditional costumes of the Ottoman world; som Fez comes from the city of Fez where this typical burgundy red of the traditional Fez was produced from red berries. Tarbouche, Fez - The original design may have originated in ancient Greece. This hat was mainly diffused during the 19th century thanks to the Ottoman Empire.

This hat will accompany you for an evening dressed as Halloween or a day with friends.

About the Fez hat

  • Cap: 14cm
  • Composition: 100% wool

Fez Size Information:

Sizes: Small - 54/55cm, Medium - 56/57cm, Large - 58/59cm, X-Large - 60/61cm.