Cobber® Neck Wrap

Reference : 6945



The Cobber® brand was inspired by two well-known products used in the bush to create its refreshing necklace: the Hessian bag and the Coolgardie pantry. These products used in the Australian bush take advantage of a simple technique: the evaporative cooling process. When worn around the neck, the COBBER reduces body temperature by cooling the blood flowing through the carotid arteries of the neck and produces a cooling of the body by evaporation. To maximize the cooling effect, simply rotate the outer edge towards the neck

Made in Australia, this innovative cooling system will help keep your body temperature in check in hot climates. Made with non-toxic crystals, you soak your Cobber® in cold water for about 30 minutes. The crystals expand to a gel and will stay that way for three days. Once back to its original form, soak it again. Place it around your neck, the Cobber® will cool the cartoid arteries in the neck, keeping you cool and comfortable. The fabric is a poly/cotton blend. Available in multiple patterns, suitable for men and women.

Data sheet
  • Shape Neck size
  • Brand Traclet
  • Shade Blue
  • Country of manufacture Australia
  • Season Summer
  • Gender Mixed