Champagne Bucket F1 Helmet

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The Fireman's Champagne or Ice Bucket is the perfect accessory for your festive events, adding a heroic and original touch to your celebrations. 

Inspired by firefighters' equipment, this champagne bucket boasts a robust design and authentic details, yet is perfectly functional for keeping your champagne bottles fresh.

A unique design that stands out and adds a touch of fun to your parties. Designed to keep your champagne bottles cool throughout your event.

Ideal for birthday parties, weddings, end-of-year celebrations, and any other occasion that calls for chilled champagne. Perfect for firefighter-themed parties or to pay tribute to a firefighter at a celebration. 

An excellent gift idea for champagne lovers and firefighting enthusiasts. 

F1 helmet champagne bucket

Champagne bucket in the shape of a f1 helmet (fireman). Removable lid, weight 1 kg.

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Accessories - Special Hats - style - Military uniform - Traclet -
Technical data
  • Shape Helmet - Seau a champagne
  • Country of manufacture France
  • Type Mixed