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As a small craftsman, he had the opportunity, during a trip to the Southwestern United States, to observe the hats of the herdsmen. Stetson - a legendary hat that is becoming a trendy accessory. Stetson offers a wide range of felt and fabric hats as well as caps...

The emblematic hat brand: Stetson

Stetson is more than just a hat type, he's "THE" hat! Since 1865, the American brand STETSON has been manufacturing a very wide range of hats focused on quality, innovation and fashion. In addition to the mythical Stetson hats, the shape has diversified by offering caps, felt hats and pork pie or mambon hats. Almost 150 years later, STETSON has achieved the fabulous feat of making a product whose name and word are one!

Large size compared to French sizes. The chef's blanket is about 1 cm larger than indicated. For the regulars of the Stetson brand, take the size of your old chef's blanket.

Stetson: the most popular brand in the world!

In 1965 Stetson marked his 100th birthday by publishing a booklet entitled: "Stetson's Century". In it, the president of the company already speculated at the time "It is possible, and I think I can say this without too much exaggeration, that America grew up under a Steson". Today, having passed the 150 years mark, the company has become world famous, and there are very few regions where this is not the case, everywhere else the Stetson brand is known and appreciated for its fashion hats made in all tyles and all materials to have a hat adapted to each season, but also for its hats that show themselves to be at the forefront of fashion in a respect for the traditions proper to the brand. The brand has become much more than a hat and continues to bring to the world hats made in the purest American spirit

So come and discover the prestigious Stetson brand in our shop, through our wide selection of products for all ages and all weathers!

Stetson france, la chapellerie traclet distributes the american hat brand since 1996 on the internet and is one of the oldest distributor of headwear. Next to its Flechet, Kangol, Borsalino and Traclet caps and hats, the French hat shop offers this great American brand of headwear

About Stetson - the American hat brand

Many people still write Stetson wrong, for example: steson, steston, stentson, stretson, setson, stestson, stetso, stesson, statson.

However the Stetson is a classic in the world of hats since its creator John B. Stetson created, in the 1860's, a model of hat for cowboy with a high cap and wide edges. Indeed John Stetson had tried his luck in America during the Pikes Peak Gold Rush but finally followed in the footsteps of his father, himself a hatmaker, in creating the cowboy hat as we all know it. This "boss of the plains" hat, which later became the "Stetson", protected men from the sun.

The Stetson Company has grown over the decades and still offers hats as well as many types of headgear suitable for both men and women: Stetson chapkas, Stetson caps, Stetson bobs and Stetson gavroches

Where to find a Setston chef's blanket

We offer you the Stetson brand in our stores located in the towns of Roanne and Saint Etienne. If you place an order by internet, we deliver in France but also in all Europe and all over the world.

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