Qhuit - The quirky urban style

Qhuit is above all the fruit of the imagination of two friends who wanted to create acompletely ethylic and offbeat brand. Today, Qhuit offers colourful models, all in an inimitable style.

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Qhuit - The completely offbeat style

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Qhuit - The offbeat urban style

In 2001, two buddies, Rhum*G & Mook decide to create their own brand of Tees, with the credo: BIBINE FOREVER. The first sketches signed Qhuit™ lay the foundations for an ethylic and offbeat style.

In 2004, their peregrinations in the heart of Parisian parties lead them to gather the cream of the French hip-hop newschool and deliver the album "Qhuit Gran Bang". A musical UFO that would give a boost to the brand. Following a lot of positive feedback and the emergence of a fanbase, Qhuit™ rolls up its sleeves and delivers a broader and more accomplished collection. No censorship, just pleasure. Qhuit™ is for everyone and invites itself into the world of ready-to-wear without asking permission.

This was followed by the creation of the "Qhuit™ Grand Crüe" line in 2009, which will mix the basics of streetwear with more trendy pieces of inspiration. In front of the craze around the brand, Qhuit™ inaugurates in 2010 its first shop in Les Abbesses, the district where the brand was born. Former Daft Punk studio, the shop naturally becomes the headquarters of the crew (Poyz & Pirlz, Triptik, Mc Luvin...) where creative emulation is daily.

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