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Fishing hat - hunting cap

Discover the hunting hats and caps selected for you by the Traclet shop for Hunting and Fishing!

Whether it is for your next fishing or country outing, or for your boat trips, the fisherman's hat will be a quality companion for you, in all weathers!

Unfortunately, the weather is not always a friend to the hunter and fisherman, which is why a headgear is often useful. The hunter's cap will protect you from the sun, with a hat made of cotton or more technical fabric (nylantium), from the rain with oiled cotton or alcantara, or from the cold with felt, cashmere, etc

Your hat will have a regulating effect to adapt to the weather. Many of our models are equipped with UV protection, with the Tilley and Stetson brand. In addition, some headgear have ventilation grommets to allow the scalp to breathe better. Your felt hat will give you the best protection against the cold or bad weather

The Chapellerie Traclet offers you hunter's and fisherman's hats and a choice of caps signed by the biggest brands in classic and modern styles Discover without further delay our vast collection!

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