Capslab is a clothing and accessories brand inspired by popular culture, in particular the world of superheroes and fictional characters. The brand offers collections of capst-shirts, sweatshirts, backpacks and other accessories featuring original designs featuring comic book heroes, movie characters and other pop culture icons.

Founded in 2016 in France, Capslab has quickly established itself as a go-to brand for geek culture-inspired fashion and has expanded its presence in several countries. Capslab products are popular with pop culture enthusiasts, superhero fans and anyone looking to show their love for their favorite characters.

Capslab is also known for collaborating with major brands such as Disney, Marvel, DC Comics and Star Wars to create special limited-edition collections. The brand is committed to quality and sustainability, offering high-quality products made from environmentally-friendly materials.

The baseball cap is a fashionable accessory that comes in a variety of shapes and shades. Some are appreciated for their aesthetic appeal, others for their utility. Summer or winter, this headgear is essential. Capslab has become a leading brand for all fans of TV series, manga and cartoons, bringing together all your beloved heroes. It's the only brand where you'll find the widest choice of caps embroidered with the colors of your favorite characters.

From the latest series to the oldest, you'll find the design that's right for you.

Wear the most famous characters and licenses with pride: Batman, Superman, Dragon Ball Z, Looney Tunes, Marvel, DC Comics and many more... Make your choice and join the community.

The colors are unique and correspond to the heroes featured on the badge.

The cap is worked into a curved visor shape that can have a double hue, with the top and bottom of the visor sometimes in different colors (a bit like pokéballs).

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