Camargue gardian hat - gardian hat

The Camargue hat is a wide-brimmed felt hat with a split or teardrop-shaped cap. Nowadays, it's also made of fabric such as cotton. The Camargue hat is in the style of a gardian's hat.

histoire du chapeaux gardian

The gardian hat is a traditional headgear worn by gardians, the French cowboys who once worked on the ranches and bull farms of the Camargue region of southern France.

The origins of the gardian hat can be traced back to the 19th century, when gardians began working the vast pastures of the Camargue. Back then, they wore straw hats to protect themselves from the sun and rain. However, these hats didn't stand up well to the elements and had to be replaced frequently.

At the beginning of the 20th century, gardians began to adopt a new style of hat, which was more resistant and practical than straw hats. This new hat was made of wool felt and had a characteristic boat-shaped form. It also had a wide brim to protect the gardians' faces from the sun and rain.

The gardian hat quickly became a symbol of the gardian culture and tradition, and today is considered one of the most emblematic elements of the traditional gardian outfit, which also includes white pants, a striped shirt, a scarf and leather boots.

The gardian hat continues to be worn by gardians today, notably at traditional Camargue events such as bullfights and fêtes taurines. It has also become a popular fashion item and is often worn by tourists visiting the region.

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