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Boat hat for protection at sea: Tilley hat, sailor cap, boater hat, ...

The boat hat is designed to protect you from the weather conditions encountered when sailing: cold, wind, sun. The boat hat is also an essential fashion accessory to sail with style and dress like a skipper.

The Tilley hat is the ultimate sailor's hat, handmade by sailors for sailors. The Tilley hat is a wide-brimmed, waterproof sailor's hat with a drawstring, of high quality that protects your face from the sun and wind

Our boat hats are made in different materials to best suit your needs: wool for icy crossings, canvas and waterproof hemp for protection from the elements, soft and comfortable cotton, or light and airy straw for boating.

In addition, the Chapellerie Traclet offers authentic models of hats: marine caps that will give you the look and prestige of a great captain.

Our hat shop offers a wide range of boat hats: from the traditional wide-brimmed hat, to the captain's cap and the traditional boater's hat, to the bob or cap, to the traditional boat hat. Our selection of boat hats also includes hat styles for the elegant with the floppy hat for a sophisticated look or the straw hat for a more natural look.

If you have difficulty in making your choice from the selection of boat hats that we offer, you can contact us on 04 77 71 40 58

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