Anti uv hat woman

The sun hat for women against UV rays

It is now recognized that the sun accelerates skin aging and, above all, is carcinogenic. But then how do you block the sun's harmful effectsin style? Wear an anti-UV hat! These hats are made from UV-blocking materials and are tested in laboratories to certify their effectiveness.

These sun hats provide real skin protection while remaining very aesthetic because nothing differentiates them from normal sun hats. This sun protection is included in our selection of hats, bobs, and caps for women.

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Why the anti-UV sun hat?

Ultraviolet rays have proven to be harmful to your health. We are not talking about simple sunburns but about a long-lasting ageing of the skin that will cause wrinkles to appear and sagging of the skin. In the most serious cases, unfortunately, skin cancer such as melanoma can occur.

An anti-UV sun hat guarantees you protection against the sun of course, but above all a defence against UV rays, which have no visible consequences but a significant impact on your health in the long term.

Check your hats for UV protection, UPF. It's the same principle as the index on sun creams: the higher it is, the more you will be protected from the sun.

Health and style

Make the most of your holidays, with anti-UV sun hats the summer will no longer be spent in the sun, locked up, because your shelter from the harmful effects of the sun will be... on your head!

Traclet's anti-UV sun hats do not look like part of a hospital gown. You can care about your health and still wear stylish accessories!

In our anti UV category you will find very aesthetic sun hats such as capelines and traveller hats.

Many brands such as Rigon and Tilley realise the importance of UV protection. They are therefore investing in blocking headwear, always responding to the demand for trendy and fashionable products. You will therefore find UV-blocking hats in a wide variety of colours and shapes.

Anti-UV sun hats can therefore be worn with a large number of summer and spring outfits. Men's anti-UV sun hats are also available

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